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Our team

Our team
Our team

Are you ready for the exciting task of teaching kids English?

Our goal is to find people who are talented at teaching and can motivate children to learn English, people who are able to connect and empathise with kids. Fluency in English, a dynamic personality, professionalism, empathy and passion for the job are the defining characteristics of the teachers on our team.

Meet our teachers:

  • Maria G.

    Maria G.

    MOUSY, LINDA, SAM, EMMA, OLIVER, PAM&PAUL'S TEACHER (COURSE 19-20) This is my third course at Kids&Us. I Love working with children. Observing how easily and naturally they learn, makes me happy. Last year I have had two amazing experiences as Aupair. This year I have lived in Australia, where I have worked as Nanny and Teacher Assistant in a Kindergarden. I have learned a lot, and I have plenty of energy to start this new stage in La Garriga.

  • Laia M.

    Laia M.

    SAM, EMMA, OLIVER, MARCIA, PAM&PAUL TEACHER (COURSE 19-20). I started working in Kids&Us in 2017 and, finally, this year 2019 I will be able to enjoy helping discover English to the children of my town. I love traveling and learning other ways of doing and living. During my childhood I lived in Namibia for a couple of years, where I learned English laughing and playing, just like we do here. I hope you are as excited as I to start this course!

  • Claudia L.

    Claudia L.

    OLIVER TEACHER (COURSE 19-20). From the very young, the languages have been drawn to me, and especially English. That's why I decided to study English philology at the university and that led me to Finland to teach Catalan. I love nature and I always carry a book with me. I join the Kids&Us La Garriga team with a great desire to teach but, above all, to learn.

  • Carla B.

    Carla B.

    COORDINATOR I combine the roles of Teacher and Educational Coordinator. Being a teacher at Kids&Us is fun and exciting. We have fun during the classes whilst learning at the same time. I love seeing how the kids assimilate all the things they are learning without even realising they are doing it. They do it so quickly, it’s incredible to see.

  • Letty N.

    Letty N.

    TEACHING THE FOLLOWING COURSES: PAM&PAUL, BEN&BRENDA, ANIMAL PLANET I & II, FAIRY TALES I (COURSE 19-20) This year I am also part of the administrative and logistical support of the center. Since moving from the UK to Catalonia 15 years ago, I have been helping adults and children to improve their English and this led to me joining the Kids&Us team in September 2016. This year I am looking forward to laughing with my Pam&Paul students and learning about good and rude behaviour with the Ben&Brenda class! As a nature lover I really enjoy teaching the Animal Planet courses and I can't wait to help my students improve both their knowledge of English as well as learning about wildlife. This will be my first year teaching Fairy Tales and it will be great to discover new characters with my oldest students. I love seeing the way different kids learn and how much fun they can have whilst gaining new skills at the same time.

  • Verónica L.

    Verónica L.

    DIRECTOR I have been working at Kids&Us La Garriga since 2014, I combine the roles of Teacher and Director. I am, therefore, able to share my passion and knowledge for children and education with the rest of the Kids&Us team. You will see me dressed up and clowning around as Gina Ginger and other characters at the Storytimes and workshops we organise so as at the city centre dancing swing: one of my biggest passions. I love to work in an atmosphere of colour and positive energy!

  • Laia C.

    Laia C.

    FRANCHISEE I started this wonderful project in La Garriga in 2013. You will find me at the school welcoming our students, organising workshops and holiday clubs as well as supporting the fantastic team, which I am lucky enough to be a part of. I continue to be amazed by the potential that the children have for learning in such a natural and fun way and I enjoy being a part of that. In my private life, I love the world of dance and acrobatics, reading and experiencing anything new, which helps me to learn and improve myself.

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