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"English for Life" is the title of the new campaign from Kids&Us which continues to innovate year after year.

Published 02/05/2017

Kids&Us provides students with one of the most important tools for their future: a high degree of linguistic competence in English. They learn rich and meaningful English, which grows and develops as they do, so there is no limit to their potential. Kids&Us also has no limits when it comes to improving our students learning. As a result, every year, our students' families discover many new features, our courses are revised and improved, and the level of quality and excellence is maintained at the very highest level across the universe of activities and Kids&Us products.

English for Life

The very highest level of quality can also be seen in the presentation of our new annual campaign, which is inspired by the world of cinema, the biggest dream factory of all, and aims to make our students the directors of their own stories. Kids&Us wants to ensure that language is not an impediment to them achieving their dreams.

Premiere in the grand finale of La Voz Kids

For the first time, the Kids&Us campaign will be launched worldwide in all the countries simultaneously.

The campaign, named English for life, will premiere on Friday the 5th at night during the final of one of the most successful programs on current television: La Voz Kids. The stage chosen to broadcast the first ad of the new campaign couldn’t be more special, one that the occasion deserves.

Don’t miss the launch of the new Kids&Us campaign this Friday the 5th of Mayo on television, and follow all the news we will be posting on our social media profiles over the next few weeks.

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